Donna Frank

Hailing originally from legendary alternative rock station WEQX in the mountains of Vermont, Donna’s voice is now heard worldwide. In the United States, she’s on Sirius satellite radio stations H100 and H101 for the The Howard Stern show, is the premier voice at, is on the nationally syndicated American Country Countdown show, and more. Donna’s voice is currently imaging stations like Radio 105.7 in Atlanta,1290 WMCS in Milwaukee, KHITS 96.3 in St. Louis, WHTI Hot 106.1 in Richmond, 99.9 The Buzz in Burlington,105.3 Martini Radio and 104.1 KRZQ in Reno, 93.3 WTPT, Greenville, South Carolina among others. She has her own recording studio, and often travels to record. Some of Donna’s national commercial clients include Disney, Comedy Central, McDonald's, Axe, TVLand, and many more.