Gary S. Rosenthal

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Although he sometimes prefers to think of himself as a simple video editor, in reality, he is a very accomplished video editor, but that just begins to describe  Gary’s unique blend of talents.  Specializing in big picture strategy, broad-focus creative concepts, campaign creation, project management, and production management, Gary is the most visible face of O-Zone. As principal, he leads and coordinates most production efforts, and is the central hub for client communication and interaction.  

While still attending Ithaca college, Gary began working as a professional producer for television, video, and media projects, lending his considerable skills primarily to producing, directing, editing, and other above-the-line production roles.  With extensive expertise in integrating traditional video and emerging computer-based technologies—as well as music—Gary’s clients have been in the areas of entertainment, education, marketing, legal, medical, research, Federal and military agencies.  In the succeeding years, Gary taught media production for over a decade at George Washington University, and has received numerous awards, and honors.


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